Dale Mabry Army
Air Field Museum
~ Tallahassee, Florida ~

Imagine a time when Tallahassee was a military town and war planes of all sorts constantly buzzed overhead. Dale Mabry Army Air Field (DM) was a major fighter pilot training base during World War II with sub-bases in Perry, Florida, and Thomasville, Townsend and Waycross, Georgia. Silver Lake was used for survival training and Alligator Point for target practice. At a time when there were only 16,240 Tallahasseans, 4,300 service men and women lived on base and 800 civilians were employed there.  All told, over 8,000 pilots trained at DM, including British, French and Chinese flyers--even members of the reknowned, all African-American Tuskegee Airmen. Believe it or not, German Prisoners of War were held there too! 
We are a group of local history enthusiasts who have filed articles of incorporation with the State of Florida as a non-profit organization advocating for the establishment of a museum to preserve the history and legacy of DM. 
From 1940 to 1945, DM was a major U.S. military installation--a city onto itself, now gone--that forever changed Tallahassee and the Big Bend region through its socio-economic and cultural impacts. In 1946 the process of returning the air field to local authorities began, and that year the base became the West Campus of Florida State University to accomodate the flood of GIs desiring the free benefit of a college education through the GI Bill.
Soon, our World War II generation--dubbed "The Greatest Generation" in Tom Brokaw's best selling book by the same title--will "slip the surly bonds of earth." Their story is one for the generations, their sacrifices unestimable, their contributions to modern America indelible.
DM is the story of WWII, and WWII is the story of the Greatest Generation. How will Tallahassee choose to remember them? Won't you join our efforts?
- Board of Directors -
Chuck Wells, Chair and CEO
Tommy Bowermeister
A.J. Brickler
Bob Garment, Vice Chair
Al Latimer
Penny Ralston
​Lorraine Wells, Secretary/Treasurer